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Special Teams Disaster Dooms The Buffalo Bulls

Kent State Golden Flashes v Buffalo Bulls 9-19-2012 Photo by David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images

For three quarters Buffalo did nearly everything right.

Sure there was a muffed punt, and yea they allowed some long kick returns but other than that the did everything right.

Then Lance Leipold and company got badly out coached in the fourth quarter in the speical teams game and a 27-6 UB lead tuned into a 30-27 Kent State victory. The win keeps Kent (4-6) alive in the Bowl picture and prevented Buffalo (5-5) their sixth win.

Buffalo used a 90+ yard seven minute drive to take a 27-6 lead, Kent managed to get a touchdown to make the score 27-13 and then disaster struck.

In an obvious onside kick situation the Bulls were completely unprepared. They were not lined up right by the coaches, the players didn’t see what was happening, and then when they did they executed poorly.

Kent quickly scored, coming to within a touchdown.

When the Bulls got the ball back, three and out behind predictable runs into the center of a stacked front seven for Kent.

Then rather than max protect on a punt deep in their own end UB went with the standard package, it got blocked, and four plays later Kent tied the game.

Once again UB punted back to kent. The flashed ran right through a defense that had muted them all night. With one second left they got a fast whistle from the refs, took their timeout, and kicked a long FG for the win.

UB now needs to beat Bowling Green or Toledo get to six wins, they need to beat both if they want to guarantee a bowl.

And all because we can’t play special teams.