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Bulls in the Alliance of American Football

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The dream for a second professional football league will once again be reached for and if you want to watch Football this winter you can root for one of three UB Bulls.

The Alliance of American Football is the latest startup league, which was founded by Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian.

It’s scheduled to start games a week after the Superbowl and will feature eight centrally owned and operated teams which are mostly in the southern United States.

It’s a long shot, as all start up leagues are, but it’s not a gimmick league like the XFL and it’s not set up as a direct competitor like the UFL.

Instead the central ownership of all teams, the operations staff, and even scheduling were all set up to feed off of the NFL. Major signing dates in the UFL coincided closely with NFL cut dates and the season wraps up in late April so a players have a chance to build up a portfolio before NFL camps start.

Players signed three year contracts worth $250,000 and in addition to that there are performance incentives laid in.

So who will you be watching?

Branden Oliver, John Kling and Matt Weiser all made rosters in the league.

BO is going to suit up for the the Salt Lake Stallions. He is still Buffalo’s all-time leading rusher and had a very solid career going with the Chargers before being derailed by injury.

Kling was one of the biggest and most reliable offensive linemen ever to play for Buffalo. “Kling-Kong” and the line he led helped Oliver set records. After College he bounced around the NFL camps and even made a practice squad.

Kling will be playing for the Atlanta Legends.

Weiser is one of the best receiving tight ends in UB history. Like Oliver he Weiser signed on with the Chargers, but he could not crack the final cuts.