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MAC Power Rankings, Week 2

NCAA Football: Eastern Michigan at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports
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1 Toledo 1 0 Bye Week
2 NIU 2 0 I'm not ready to slide NIU just yet, but I'm really wondering if the Huskies may be in for an off year.
3 Buffalo 3 0 If Buffalo had cleaned up the mistakes they would have won by several scores, but the Bulls are still 2-0 for the first time in FBS
4 EMU 7 3 Purdue is not the pride of the B1G, but a road win by EMU over the Boilermakers might be the MAC win of the week.
5 Ohio 4 -1 Bye Week
6 Miami 5 -1 They might still compete for the MAC East, but they've had a rough go of it in the first two weeks of the season.
7 Ball State 9 2 They held up well against the #8 team in the country, James Gilbert could be a force to reakon with in MAC play.
8 CMU 6 -2 It's been forever since Kanasa managed to win a game on the road, and CMU let them finally break that streak.
9 WMU 8 -1 WMU gave up 308 yards on the ground, that's a huge number even if you're playing Michigan.
10 Kent 10 0 Not a lot to be learned in a beat down of Howard... But note that the Bison were only a possession away from beating Ohio last week
11 Akron 12 1 Akron did what an FBS team is supposed to do in a tune up game.
12 BGSU 11 -1 Waiting to see how Bowling Green handles Eastern Kentucky before passing judgement, but things look bad so far this year.