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BRuWPEG Results - Temple

David Brand

So Buffalo goes 2 - 0 for the first since stepping up to FBS in 1999. Biggest song in 1999, Livin’ la Vida Loca by Ricky Martin. Think about that! The last time UB started 2 - 0 was 1983. That was the year that Night Ranger went Platinum with the hit album Midnight Madness. Makes their appearance at the Stampede for homecoming all that more special. 1983 - I wasn’t even at UB yet and I am old. Wasn’t even in high school.

After Temple lost to Villanova the media is calling this an upset. Is it? The betting houses even course corrected points on Temple. What is with the Hail Mary’s when these two meet?

We had three excellent pickers amass four points this week. DaveyBrew, jlfrag, and for the second time being on top dbburns. dburns with two great weeks shoots to the top of the leader board with 10 points. Tougher week for pickers this week averaging 1.5 accumulated points versus 3.3 last week.

Let’s break down their entries:

DaveyBrew: Shooting from the hip here.

jlfrag: Let’s make it two weeks in a row. It will be the AJ show.

dbburns: The red coats are coming!!!!

Scarlett? Red? Maroon? Wet rust? I don’t even know what color Temple is but it’s ugly. It’s a story as old as time – Blue vs Red….ish. I was initially pumped when I saw them lose to Nova as I thought we’d cruise to 2-0, however Nova tends to always be a strong FCS. May not be that bad of a loss.

Still. No one likes Temple, not even their mothers

The winner this week. jlfrag! A small token of respect for all that AJ persevered through this week. We are with you AJ.

BRuWPEG Maybe Correct
Hoping I did not make too many mistakes
J. David Brand