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Buffalo Bulls Football Game Preview: Temple Owls

Buffalo v Miami Ohio Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It’s game day, and the Bulls are looking to take down their first FBS opponent of the season. Buffalo has traveled down to Philadelphia to take on the Temple Owls, who lost last week to FCS Villinova. Before the season started, many UB fans had this game marked as one of the toughest of the season, but that narrative may have changed after how each team handled their respective FCS teams week 1.

However, this does not mean that the Bulls should consider this an easy win. Temple still is a talented team, who let a Philly rivalry get the best of the week 1. While Bull’s fans are very aware how a season which features and FCS loss can go, I think Temple will come out angry and looking to get back on the horse. If Buffalo does not come out just as fired up and focused, we may be looking at an angry game thread today.

As for what I believe you will see today, is a similar game plan to last game. The Bulls may work hard to try and establish the run again, but this team has too good of an aerial attack to shy away from. Game one, you saw players like KJ Osborn step up while Anthony Johnson was double covered, and I think this will become a common theme of 2018. I think the defense will try and assert themselves early, and I think today’s game comes down to if they can keep Temple frustrated and set the tone for the season. Here are some more specifics to look at today.

What to Watch For

Kicking Game

This is a reoccurring theme for Bulls’ fans, and that frustrates me. We should not have to hold our breathe on PAT’s, yet Adam Mitcheson continues to struggle with his accuracy. Though his missed PAT attempt did not cost the Bulls last week, it could become an issue as the season goes on. I fully believe he needs to have a perfect game today, or the Bulls should consider finding a new kicker.

How Aggressive are the Bulls

One thing I noticed last week was that Buffalo seemed to love going for it on fourth down. I’m not sure if we did this because it was an FCS team, if we just happened to be in no man’s land for our kicking game, or if Lance Leipold trusts his offense that much this season. I’m curious to see how the game plan is created today and if the Bulls show they want to keep putting the pressure on their opponents for four downs.

The Defense Against Anthony Johnson

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that teams are planning for Anthony Johnson. The Tyree Jackson to Anthony Johnson connection is one which has been plastered all over social media. This means that teams are going to be double covering the Bulls best player. I’m curious to see how Temple goes about covering the explosive senior. If the game plan is too focused on AJ, look for KJ Osborn to keep seeing a lot of targets.

Final Thoughts

I think this is a really winnable game for the Bulls. There isn’t a game on the schedule this season where I think we can’t come out on top, and that’s an exciting thing as a UB fan. I don’t believe that Temple will just be a push over team like they played as last week however, so the Bulls will need to be ready for a battle. I’d love to see the offense keep rolling and put up points early, so on a personal level, my Saturday can be stress free.

I have the Bulls taking this one 23-17, in a fun game for everyone to watch. This feels like the real start of the season, and if the Bulls can start 2-0 in non conference play, I’m excited to see where that will take them. Look for Jackson to have another solid game, but obviously you can’t expect 5 touchdowns every half, or can you? Either way, enjoy the game today and as always, go Bulls!