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MAC Power Rankings, Week 1 Edition

Ohio v Toledo Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images
Team PR Δ Comment
1 Toledo Yes, it was just against VMI, but the rockets played the best all around game in the MAC.
2 NIU NIU's offense really let them down today, but one bad week against a Big Ten defense doesn't sink them too far.
3 Buffalo Tyree Jackson had a great day, but the Bulls do have a few things to clean up. Going 2-13 on 3rd down is not going to win in the FBS
4 Ohio Barely escaping from Howard was either a slight hiccup or a sign that the Bobcats maybe a paper tiger in the East. Time will tell
5 Miami Miami got off to an awful start against Marshall, but as the game went on and the Redhawks found their footing, they looked good.
6 CMU A solid game agianst Kentucky, their defense created four turnovers to keep the Chips in the game.
7 EMU The Eagles looked good in their tuneup game, they have been quietly turning into a respectable MAC team over a couple of years.
8 WMU Syracuse jumped all over the Bronco's but WMU fought back into the game. Jon Wassink could put up some huge numbers this season
9 Ball State Ball state had 12 receivers catch a pass, they are going to make locking htem down very difficult this season.
10 Kent For a while Kent was looked like the 2012 squad which won the East and beat a P5 squad. Then they looked like Kent
11 BGSU Good start against a good team, but they still rebuilding.
12 Akron None, the weather stopperd their game.