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BRuWPEG - Week Five Army

Week 5 - BRuWPEG Army

Well, it’s crazy week. The hardest college team to play against rolls into town. Army Black Knights (2-2) at Buffalo Bulls (4-0) this Saturday, September 2 at 12:00 PM. The early line is Bulls 6.5 favorite. The game will be aired on CBSS. The weather is forecast to be mid 60’s with 0% chance of rain. Great news for the Bulls. Winds will play a factor.

Bulls fans still giddy on the big win against Rutgers. The Knights two wins are over Liberty 38-14 and Hawaii 28-21. A season open loss to Duke, 31-14. What has Bulls fans nervous is a 28-21 loss in OT this past Saturday to #5 (coaches poll) Oklahoma. The ground game Army plan kept Oklahoma’s high powered offense (sound familiar?) to just over one quarter of possession.

In the Oklahoma loss, Army QB had 40 yards of passing. Also threw two interceptions. That is just one roll out to the right for Tyree Jackson. The hard part, ran the ball for 102 yards. The Black Nights are your friend this year if you are picking them. They are 4 - 0 -1 against the spread.

This is a big week for BRuWPEGgers. The leaders are starting to pull away. Need strong picks from many to stay in the hunt. No perfect picks so far this year. I really look forward to see what the collective picks will be. Have a great 4 - 0 week. I usually mock the other teams mascot but not this time. Too much respect for the amazing men and women of the US Army. Thank you for all that you do.

Friday Army BRuWPEG
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