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BRuWPEG - Week 1 Results

Often BRuWPEG nails scores. Our collective pick on a 48 - 10 UB win was 49.2 - 10.6. We are a very smart group as a whole.

I am not sure who had the better weekend. The Buffalo Bulls or the pickers of BRuWPEG. A average of 3.3 points earned is a great number. We have what you would call a log jam on the top of the leader board. Six excellence pickers amassed six points. PE21, markchicago, Bulls & Bills, dbburns, & Drew Gaczewski. It is also good to see bull_trojan to settle into his customary spot! Dude, I doubled your points.

If you read the article, the tie breaker is best comments made while picking choosen by me. In years past this has caused some drama. PE21’s “better win” was better than Bulls & Bills score only. While Mark is just a nice man and Drew & UB92’s post were solid. There is a clean weekly winner for week one! No drama this week.

Sports is back!! I’ve been pretty terrible at picking for the last 3-4 years - time to pick it up

Hi – my name is Tyree Jackson and I’m bigger than Del. st’s entire D-line. This gonna get ugly.

I don’t see any way this game is close (assuming we don’t put half effort in like a certain Albany game).

Bulls – 48

Del – 7

Let’s break this down. First is a double exclamation point giving you a deeper insight into the excitement which is football. Straight to the oh shucks I stink and then some self motivation, “time to pick it up” Anyone who motivates themselves for BRuWPEG is my brother. But then the gold starts to flow. A little braggadocios highlighting the excellence of said UB QB. Slow down your roll and understand a true UB fan is going to expose himself. After talking trash about the other team, the true UB fan guards his heart and fragile mind set by contradicting himself. No way we lose but then *** wait for it*** Albany. BAM! That is Robert Creeley level poetry. To top it off, your pick should have been perfect. Delaware should have kicked a field goal on 4th down and also had a kick blocked.

dbburns is a great UB fan. Always enjoy reading his comments and this week you are the champ. Walk a little taller, kiss the misses a little deeper, and know you are king of the world!

BRuWPEG Week !
dbburns with week one victory