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MAC Power Rankings...

NCAA Football: Akron at Northwestern Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re wondering why these are a day late, may I present my late car...

Long story short... I had the green, driver coming the other way didn’t care so now I have to car shop, and fight with their insurance over the replacement value of my car.

So while getting this weeks Power Rankings is not quite as heroic as the semi famous “Tim’s feral cat experience”, it’s still pretty close.

Team PR Δ Comment
1 NIU 2 1 They may still be on top of the MAC this year, but the gap between the MAC's top two teams and the middle of the pack has shrunk
2 Toledo 1 -1 The Rockets didn't completely embarass themselves against #21 Miami, but they certainly didn't look too strong
3 Buffalo 3 0 The Bulls did what they had to do against EMU, and showed MAC defenses that if they zero in on Johnson that UB has other options
4 Ohio 5 1 Ohio played alright, after a slow start against Virginia... Well enough to be #4 in my poll at this point.
5 EMU 4 -1 The Eagles gave UB all they chould handle, once they changed QB's and put Mike Glass in the game. Look for more Glass from EMU
6 Akron 11 5 From near the celar to middle of the pack, winning a B1G game will do that. The Zips defense forced three turnovers in the win.
7 CMU 8 1 An 0-3 start for CMU, but they looked a lot better against NIU than they did against Kansas
8 WMU 9 1 The Broncos destroyed Delaware State, it might just be an FCS team but WMU handled them way better than Buffalo did.
9 Miami 6 -3 Miami has been outscored 47-3 in their last two games, clearly something is up with their offense but they get BGSU next.
10 Ball State 7 -3 Given the fits that Ball State had given Notre Dame I expected them to stack up better against an ok Indiana team.
11 Kent 10 -1 There was a point, late in the first half, where Kent was driving to close to within a score. Then the wheels came off 63-10. Will the real Kent plest stand up?
12 BGSU 12 0 A late score saved the Falcons from an FCS loss, so there's that.... Mike Jinks seat is probably getting a bit warm at this point.