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BRuWPEG Week 4 - Rutgers

BRuWPEG Rutgers
Get your picks in for BRuWPEG Rutgers. Are you picking against a home Big Ten team?

BRuWPEG Week 4 - @ Rutgers. Early weather prediction for the game is a high of 77 with a 10% chance of rain. Winds NNW 6 mph. AKA - Throwing weather! Is it just me or is Tyree’s amazing season being looked at as a given? It is great to see a wave of players stepping up and making impact plays.

Tyree Jackson jumped from 52 in the nation to 22 in total passing yards with 789. Tyree is 64 of 98 (65.3%). On the season, 12 TD’s to 1 INT. A QB rating of 171.3. Ranked seventh in the nation in Total QBR. Artur Stikwoski, Rutgers QB, is 33 of 67 (49.3%) and 290 yards. For the season with 1 TD and 7 INT. Rutgers also has in the QB mix Giovanni Rescigno.

Rushing the ball, Kevin Marks 71st in the nation 219 total rushing yards. An average of 4.9 on 45 attempts. Four TD’s with a long run of 22. For Rutgers, Raheem Blackshear with 195 yards on 40 attempts. Averaging 4.96 as well with a long of 23 and one TD.

Defensively, Khalil Hodge tied for 19th in the country with 32 tackles. Rutgers has a solid linebacker in Trevor Morris with 26 tackles.

Rutgers opened the season with a win over Texas State 35 - 7. Dropped two straight to Ohio State and Kansas. Shocker was Kansas. Articles in New Jersey have the clock ticking for Head Coach Chris Ash. The loss to Kansas and if defeated by Buffalo could be more than the fans, alumni, and administration can bear.

“I’m worried about our football team right now,” Ash stated in his post game press conference. “We have a locker room right now with some very disappointed kids. If I was worried about perception when I took this job, I’m not in the right position. Right now, I love our fans, I really care about our fans but I didn’t come here with any false pretenses, I didn’t come here with any promises that something was going to happen overnight. I’m not worried about perception, I’m worried about our players and I’m worried about building a program. That’s where I’m at.”

Buffalo has been on this side of the fence (cough Jeff Quinn Era). While I feel empathy for Rutgers, UB needs to make a statement this weekend. Buffalo is early 3.5 road favorite against a Big Ten team. Rutgers with the home field advantage is typically given three points towards the spread. I have seen the line creep up to four. UB is favored by at TD. No votes this week in the AP top 25. If UB beats Rutgers and then Army, I would hope to see some votes. Let’s see how many pick Rutgers this week?

BRuWPEG Rutgers Fri @ 2
Picks as of Friday at 2 PM EST
j. David Brand