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BRuWPEG Results - Week 3 EMU

BRuWPEG 18 EMU Resutls
Results are in - EMU BRuWPEG

Dearest BRuWPEG Members,

I would personally like to thank EMU for not starting Glass. Step for Step with Tyree when he entered the game. Potential to have two great years in Ypsilanti. I hope EMU in not on UB’s schedule next year.

Can we clearly state that Marks is the most dynamic running back that UB has right now. Still dancing as he arrives to the line of scrimmage, but he makes plays. I think his first touchdown was already in before he touched the ball. Wasn’t that was clearly a TD the play before? The refs were a focal point in this game. I thought that EMU was wrongfully called for pass interference in the end zone. Same thing happened to UB later in the game. Real dumb penalties by both teams. The continued hit out of bounds by EMU was costly.

What is this halftime adjustments they speak of? I have rarely have seen that in Amherst before. Great job defense as the game wore on. Kicking game, we see you! You should have kicked two field goals as well. We see you kicking game!

As EMU kept it’s nose in the game, I was not panicked stricken like years past. What a fun way to watch a Bulls football game. OK, I lied. I was total panic stricken on the onsides kick when the ball was batted backwards. That was a brief jolt of pure panic.

Great win Bulls. I am not sure how to feel being 3 - 0. Plus seeing optimism in the upcoming opponents. Anyone want to do a head to head comparison with me? I would love to line up two UB teams. Current offense vs. 2008 Defense first. Then current defense vs. 2008 Offense. Yes the season is still young, but let’s enjoy an entire season for once. Anyone want to work an article with me?

Now to BRuWPEG. Yes, we had three pickers who selected EMU. I won’t mention Drew Gaczewski, John Furgele, and Ralph Cox’s names as the EMU pickers. We had two pickers tied for the lead this week with five points amassed. UBBulls98 and Kevin Gee.

UBBulls98 - UB 31 EMU 28

Serious question, if EMU didn’t beat Purdue this past week, would the predictions have been as close as they are right now?

Kevin Gee - Hold on to your hats for the second week in a row

Bulls – 30

Cross Canada Rival – 28

Pickers, you really need to step up your picking swag! This is a toss up. The selection committee worked late into the night wrestling with the selection. To be fair, it was not unanimous but the optimism of Kevin Gee beat out Albany. Congratulations Kevin the Week 3 winner of BRuWPEG.

dbburns just one point behind this week with four and ups his total to 14. I also loved his smack talk with his pick. That is swag boys. Learn from dbburns!

Find the (Hopefully) Correctg and Updated EMU BRuWPEG
J. David Brand