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Buffalo Bulls Football Game Preview: Eastern Michigan Eagles

Buffalo v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It’s Bulls game day, and this means that the Buffalo Bulls are looking to move to 3-0 on the season. Going 3-0 was something Bulls’ fans could not imagine just two seasons ago, but here we are, and it feels amazing.

So what stands in Buffalo’s way? The Eastern Michigan Eagles. EMU is also 2-0 on the season, which means they will not be a pushover team. They’re coming off a win against the Big Ten’s Purdue. Coming in to the season, it seemed as if this week would be a random meaningless MAC game, it now feels like the type of contest we could be seeing in Detroit in a few months. So what should you expect to see from this game?

What to Watch For

Kicking Game

I can’t stand that I type this every week, but here we are again. Once again last week, the Bulls missed an extra point. Where against Delaware State it didn’t really matter, it almost became a huge issue against Temple. Without the heroics of Anthony Johnson, the Bulls might be 1-1 because of a missed kick. If the kicking issues continue today, it could not only be trouble for the Bulls, but also trouble for Adam Mitcheson’s starting position.

Defensive Line

Earlier this week, PFF posted the stats on the best defensive lines in the country based on pressure. The Bulls ranked third in the country, one ahead of Alabama, and only behind Ohio State and Clemson. The defensive line has been great, and if it keeps up their effort, then I think you see the Bulls at 3-0 today. Also of note, Chuck Harris will be wearing the 41 jersey today

Tyree Jackson

Something I noticed last week was that Tyree Jackson does not seem to be the mobile quarterback he used to be. While still elusive, he chooses not to use his legs as much. I’m not sure if this is because of the knee injuries, or that the prototypical NFL passer stays in the pocket, but I think it is interesting. I’m curious to see how he continues to play this season, as he is putting up incredible numbers.

Final Thoughts

It’s weird for me to be this excited about a football Saturday. In my three previous years as a UB student, football never seemed to generate this much excitement. Everything always felt very bland. This is the first time in my college career that the community, as well as the students seem to care about the Buffalo Bulls, and that is amazing to me. I think today’s game will be a hard grind it out game, but I really do think the Bulls win it.

I’m going with a 30-20 victory for the Bulls, where this incredible start to the season continues. I expect that home field will actually be an advantage today, as the students and community are expected to bring the energy today. If you’re in the area, please come out and check out the NFL talent you have in your backyard, and as always, go Bulls!