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Pro-Bulls a quick update around the NFL

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Green Bay Press Gazette-USA TODAY NETWORK

How much do UB fans love Khalil Mack?

He got me to root against Green Bay and for Chicago. The Packers are my second favorite NFL team (After the Bills), and the Bears are my 4th favorite NFC North team.

If you missed it Khalil Mack had a dominating first half against the Packers. He picked off DeShone Kizer for a touchdown, and strip sacked the Green Bay QB with the packers driving inside the redzone.

After Mack almost single handedly won the game the Bears got very “Tepperish” with him. This was most visible on the Packers game winning score where they dropped the NFL’s best pass rusher into short pass coverage rather than having him pin his ears back on third down against a QB who could hardly move in the pocket.

Oh well... Mack Still had the best game of any defender in the NFL last night.

Speaking of defensive pass rushers, guess what.

The Falcons picked up Steven Means! And in Atlanta Means will probably have a much batter chance of contributing than he did on a very deep Eagles line.

On the other side of the Ball Mason Schreck made it into the game against Indy. He didn’t do much in his spot down the depth chart but the Bengals SBNation site “Cincy Jungle” seems to think that Schreck has real potential.

Sokoli is still on IR for the Giants.

editorial note: Earlier I had Mack intercepting Rodgers, at that point the Discount Double Check guy was out of the game...