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BRuWPEG - Week 3 EMU

Get your picks in for Week 3 BRuWPEG

There are certain acts of legislation that clog up the house and senate such as the Federal Highway Act of 1956, No Child Left Behind Act of 2002, and Do-Not-Call Implementation Act of 2003. The National Bison Legacy Act would declare the Bison America’s national mammal. This is real legislation that I can get behind. America got it wrong with the Eagle. And so did EMU! How can you be proud of a mascot called Swoop?

UB and EMU both come into week three 2 - 0. Hold on for a second. I have a UB education and I should be able to figure this out. Carry the three, that means that both teams come in collectively 4 - 0. UB beating Temple and EMU beating Purdue this past Saturday. No one saw that happening. Guess what, one team will be undefeated after this match-up in Amherst, NY. Crack journalism.

Odds opened up UB a 3 point home favorite. Money drove the line to UB as a 5 12 point favorite Monday morning. This is shaping up to be a great air attack game as long as the rain holds off. Prediction right now is rain in the evening. That may be in UB’s favor. This is called a tease, so keep reading. The kick off for the game is 6:00 PM.

Eastern Michigan State enters the game 20th in the Nation with 324.5 yards per gain passing offense. EMU’s Blake Banham is 33rd in the country after two weeks with 202 receiving yards. EMU QB Tyler Wiegers third in the nation in completion percentage at .776. Tyree Jackson 71st with .597. Tyree tied for second in the nation with 9 passing TD’s (leader has 13 but played three games) Both teams not in the top 50 for rushing. UB is averaging 42 points per game and EMU 35. On defense, UB giving up 19.5 points per game, EMU 18. Where UB can really make a difference, you waited for this, is on the ground. UB and EMU virtually the same in pass defense. EMU allowing 167 passing yards per game as compared to 158 for UB. EMU is allowing 264 rush yards as compared to 157 for UB. Will Kevin Marks step up and grab the running reins and propel UB to victory? This is why BRuWPEG was created. This is a great match-up. I am super interested to see who you think the winner and score will be.

We had an issue with the accounting firm, Dewey, Chetham, & Howe, who may have (D,C, & H accepts not liability) posted the scores after Temple incorrectly. I want to assure you this will not be the last time this happens. You have my word on that. Scores updated in article.

Did I happen to mention that EMU gives up 264 rushing yards per game?

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