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Jackson’s air attack leads Buffalo past Delaware State, 48-10

Tyree Jackson left the game midway through the third, having thrown for six touchdowns and ushered UB to a 41-3 lead over Delaware State, and the Bulls coasted the rest of the way to take their opener, 48-10, over the Hornets and move to 1-0 on the season.

Expectations are high for this team following a 6-6 year in 2017, and the Bulls are out on the right foot, largely running through the motions of their offense that featured six ballcarriers and ten different receivers. Senior wideout and preseason All-American Anthony Johnson had “only” 47 yards and a score, but it’s clear that opposing defenses are going to have trouble handling the variety of UB’s passing attack: K.J. Osborn, Charlie Jones, and George Rushing combined for Jackson’s other five touchdowns.

The offense wasn’t perfect, however, opening with a couple of punts and struggling to convert on third down throughout, though that wart was somewhat covered by an aggressive mentality on fourth down that saw UB go 5-5, including a pair of touchdown passes.

Things played out as you’d expect on the other side of the ball, where Delaware State had the occasional chunk of yards but couldn’t string anything together until it was much too late, their only points before the fourth quarter coming after a 41-yard pass put the Hornets on the edge of field goal range nearly off the bat. UB generated four turnovers and scored three touchdowns off them while also blocking a field goal attempt early in the fourth.

It’s Temple on the road next weekend for the Bulls. The Owls fell to in-city FCS rival Villanova today, 19-17.