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Football Kicks off Spring Practice

Buffalo v Miami Ohio Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

So, I was 95% sure that when the spring practice guide said 10pm - 12am that it was a typo. I was wrong.

UB kicked off their spring practices last night, at the ADPRO field house in Orchard Park.

This is, on paper, the most talented UB team since perhaps Khalil Mack’s senior season.

  • QB: We have two guys who could legit start on pretty much any team in the conference. While the job may be Tyree Jackson’s to lose, let’s not overlook what Drew Anderson brings to the table and how his play last year seemed to Push Jackson to an even higher level after he returned from from injury.
  • WR: Anthony Johnson is the best receiver in the MAC and easily one of the top 10 in the country. I beleive that he really has a decent chance of being a first round draft pick
  • O-Line: James O’Hagan returns to anchor a mostly intact line from last season.
  • RB: Hawkins, Reed, and Anderson should have an interesting battle for the starting job
  • Defense: A lot of big names coming back on defense. Khalil Hodge will likely be the leader of the unit and will put up monster numbers again.

As mush as I can I will follow and update as spring ball goes on.