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Going to Mobile?

Time to start talking more about Mobile, and someone who really knew the city popped over to UBFan and dropped some knowledge, h/t to them for most of this.

If you’re going to the game please please please* get your tickets through UB athletics! If you’re not consider buying one of the 15 dollar tickets which will then go to a Mobile based charity.

Getting there:

If you plan to fly know that flights right into Mobile tend to be a bit on the pricey side, around $600 round trip. But according to google maps the City is only about two and a half hours drive from New Orleans and four and a half away from Atlanta.

Flying to the Big Easy will run you in the mid to high 300’s and getting to Atlanta in the mid 200’s. So it’s a choose your own adventure situation.

Option 1 (You have way more money than me): Fly right to Mobile

Option 2 (More money than me but are still on a budget): Fly to N.O. and drive

Option 3 (Tight budget, but time to spare): Fly to Atlanta and drive

Of course there are always options 4 & 5... Drive there yourself in 17 hours or drop $180 and take a bus (1D and 10H)

Staying There:

There are a lot of hotels to chose from, and one consideration might be the proximity to the Parade being put on for the game.

The Dollar General Bowl will put on Mobile’s largest Mardi Gras Parade with floats from 20 mystical societies. In addition, local high school marching bands and the Bowl teams’ bands and cheerleaders will perform.

The following locations are right on the parade route.

  • Marriott Battle House
  • Hampton Inn
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Candlewood Suites

And these locations are within a block of the parade

  • Hilton Admiral
  • Holiday Inn
  • Quality Inn

Where to Eat:

The following restaurants were recommended and all are pretty near to the Hotels listed above.

Wintzells Oyster, Moe’s BBQ, Chuck’s Fish, El Papi, NOJA, Dumbwaiter

Other Things to do (with kids)

You can Tour the USS Alabama, similar to the “USS The Sullivans” in Buffalo it’s a WW2 era ship now moored as a museum. Being a Battleship rather than a Destroyer there may be some more to see.

They also have Fort Gains to tour, This would be similar to Fort Erie up in Buffalo.

And of course everyone city on a river or lake now has Duck Boat Tours...

Other Things to do (without kids)

The brewery you’re supposed to check out is Serda Brewing.