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BRuWPEG - Kent Results Ohio Pick ‘Em

Kent Ohio BRuWPEG
Week 10 BRuWPEG Kent Results - Ohio Pick’ Em
J. David Brand

What an awesome night to be at the Bulls last home game of this historic season. The best season in Bulls history. The atmosphere with the wind was incredible. Would the crazy wind even the playing field by reducing Tyree and AJ? An emphatic NO. The depth of this team is incredible. Congratulations to Adam Mitcheson for achieving all time career scoring leader with 269. He made some kicks after some really tough snaps and holds. By losing the coin toss the Bulls won. Took the ball and with the wind. With 21 points in the first quarter, took the wind out of Kent’s sails (sorry!) The defense again was incredible. This unit when revisiting this season will be overlooked and that’s a shame. Dominated Kent even with Khalil Hodge sitting out first half with a terrible targeting call. A tough way to close out your career in Amherst but there are bigger prizes ahead.

DesertBull is firing on all cylinders. Picked up four points this week. Created more space over markchicago with a six points separation with two contests to go! We had two excellent pickers achieve six points versus Kent. 113P and Verandaman.

UB 45- Kent 17

Textbook trap game, but I have faith.

Posted by 113P on Nov 4, 2018 | 8:08 AM

100 reasons...

UB 48

Truck less 17

Posted by Verandaman

Both picks solid and Vman has a special reason for winning this week. The 100 reasons is a touching tribute. Congratulations to Vman for second time this year as the BRuWPEGer of the week. What happened to the tradition of having to provide an acceptance speech when you win. That must come back.

BRuWPEG Kent Results
BRuWPEG Kent Results
J. David Brand
BRuWPEG Ohio Week 11
BRuWPEG - Get your MAC East Champions Pick In
RMA, J. David Brand

Two weeks to go in the regular season for BRuWPEG. Get your picks in for the clinching of the MAC East Champions. The Bulls head to Athens, OH to take on Frank Solich’s Ohio Bobcats. An epic battle was shaping up to determine the king of the east. Buffalo had to beat Kent and Ohio has to beat Miami (OH). As you read above, the Bulls took care of business. The Bobcats, not so much. If Ohio was able to beat Miami, this match-up would be for winner of MAC east. A win over Buffalo gives crazy scenarios for the last game of the season with the tiebreaker in hand. Now UB has to win one of it’s next two games. Ohio this Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST or a Black Friday contest against a struggling Bowling Green squad. Would I have loved to see a match-up mid November that would have decided the MAC East, of course. Am I also incredibly relieved that the Bulls have options to capture MAC East champs, of course. Just beat Ohio to elevate an already amazing season.