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Buffalo Bulls Bowl Projections

Buffalo v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images
Weel 11
Kirk @ SBN Dollar General vs Georgia Southern
Palm @ CBS Potato vs Utah State
Sherman @ ESPN Boca Bowl vs FAU
Bonagura @ ESPN Dollar General vs Troy
Single @ SI Quick Lane vs Wake Forest
Bender @ Stng News Dollar General vs Georgia Southern
Parsons @ Orl Sen Dollar General vs Troy
Staff @ CFN Bahamas vs FAU

Only one new bowl game this week.

Eric Single at Sports Illustrated has Buffalo at the Quick Lane Bowl, playing Wake Forest in Detroit.

The MAC has the backup agreement for the event and a few things are converging to make it look like the Big10 is going to be short on their bowl allotment.

  • Despite themselves the Big Ten may place a team in the CFB bowls
  • Right now the B1G only has eight eligible teams for their nine bowls

Of the teams not eligible six can still get in but there is some cross over play and some games against

  • Minnesota is 5-5 and will need to beat either Northwestern or Wisconsin
  • Purdue is 5-5 and will need to beat either Wisconsin or Indiana
  • Indiana is 5-5 and will need to beat either Michigan or Purdue
  • Maryland is 5-5 and will need to beat either Ohio State or Penn State

So if you want the quick lane you want Minnesota to lose out and Wisconsin to win out. Assuming OSU, PSU, and Michigan don’t choke that means the winner of Indiana / Purdue would be 6-6.

That would mean nine bowl teams for the B1G. With Michigan in the CFP and Ohio State in the Rose Bowl the conference would be one bowl short. With the Quicklane being the lowest payout of the Big Ten bowl games.

Of course if the MAC were smart, they would already be on the phone with the B1G trying to horse trade to get UB the Pinstripe bowl, in the even that there is an opening.