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BRuWPEG -Miami Results-Kent State Picks

Miami BRuWPEG Header
Miami BRuWPEG Results. That must have been a long bus ride home!

If the Bulls win against Miami did not garner any interest from Buffalo sports fans not already on the Bulls wagon, I have no idea what more they want. I had my doubts in the first half if the Bulls can pull out a victory. Too many years on being let down. I am a broken record but Anthony Johnson is on the wrong field in Buffalo. I still have no idea how AJ was open on catch at the corner of the end zone. Wow, 238 yards receiving. I have seen UB teams wish they could muster 238 yards of offense. I think it is safe to assume the Bulls are Bowl Eligible.

I am glad the Bulls had a much better week than the BRuWPEG pickers. Everyone except Robby Johnson received only one point. Robby deserved the zero points he amassed. You are all a winners this week. Congratulations. I do want to highlight the worst pick of the week:

The Bulls with 24 and The North Beach of Ohio 17. I am saying this is lower scoring than typical MACtion.

Posted by J. David Brand on Oct 29, 2018 | 8:18 AM

Still a battle for the overall spot. Can someone gain big this week?

Miami BRuWPEG Results
Miami BRuWPEG Results
J. David Brand
BRuWPEG Kent State
Week 10 - BRuWPEG Kent State (Hopefully!)n

Another week home for the Bulls. It is amazing that this is the last home game of the season. And what a season it is. Before we chalk up W’s for our last three opponents, do not sleep on Kent. Yes there record is not strong, (2-7, 1-4), but the games have been close. A one point loss to Ohio & Akron. Only lost by one touchdown to Illinois. The stats for the season show Kent is out producing it’s opponent on the offensive side of the ball. Yards gained for the year is 1939 as compared to 1930 for it’s opponents. Rushing for first downs, Kent has 89 to opponents 81. Kent showing discipline with 18 penalties to opponents 24. Kent has more total plays, more attempts & completions, but coming up short. I do not see the Bulls getting beat especially at home but this could be another fun barn burner. I will update the line when it is released. If UB was a 7 point favorite against Miami this has to be closer to 10. I wish good luck to the Kent State equipment truck.

Edit: The line Monday morning has the Buffalo Bulls as a 22.5 home favorite. Wow! Research nuts out there. Can you see the last time the Bulls were favored over a MAC team by 20+ points??