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Bull Projections

Buffalo v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

A quick peek into this weeks UB related Bowl Projections and my initial thoughts

Idaho Potato Bowl - Palm (CBS): Buffalo vs. Fresno State

Please no... I can literally not think of a less appealing Bowl Game for Buffalo.

  • We did it in 2013, been there and done that
  • Boise is far away from Buffalo, and our Alumni Base
  • It’s expensive to get and stay there
  • There is nothing to do in Boise that you can’t do in Buffalo

Given the MAC sent us here in 2013 I would be genuinely angry if they offered us up again as the Mid American team to trek out to Boise.

That being said, I’d take it over no bowl, but I would literally be happier with any other of the 39 bowl games.

Boca Raton Bowl - Sherman (ESPN): FAU vs. Buffalo

I like the location and I like the opponent... I just don’t like them together because this would be a home game for FAU.

But we have an Alumni base down there and UB is 2-0 against Lane Kiffin.

Dollar General Bowl - Bonagura (ESPN): Appalachian State vs. Buffalo

I hear Mobile is nice and App State is a quality opponent, one of the better mid majors around.

Bahamas Bowl - Kirk (SBNation): MTSU vs. Buffalo

It’s not a bias towards Mr Kirk and the mothership that make this my favorite projection of the lot.

UB has had two bowl game in the past 10 years... One was in Toronto and one was in Boise.

Toronto was nice because of it’s proximity to Buffalo but UB is due for a nice tropical bowl and it doesn’t get much better than the Bahamas Bowl.

So which bowl do you like the most?