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BRuWPEG - CMU Results

CMU Week 5 Results
CMU Week 5 Results - A Perfect Pick

Bulls had a perfect game plan for CMU and week 5 we have a perfect picker for BRuWPEG. That also means we have a new leader in the MAC clubhouse and new leader for BRuWPEG.

It is so fun to see UB find, cultivate, and showcase great running backs. The Bulls started the season inexperienced at this position and predictions were for Emmanuel Reed to step up and lead the charge running the ball. The Bulls struggled to run the ball in 2017. That is not the case in 2018. To see Marks and Patterson each having huge success is making this season that much enjoyable to watch every week. What a difference a week makes. Have to give credit to a tight offensive line with great balance creating holes and also pass blocking. This season continues to play out when the passing game is off, the running game steps up. Giving Anthony Johnson another week off I sure hope pays huge dividends later in the season.

Look in the beauty of this pick:

Lets hope for no crash

Hopefully loss to Army was wake up call for UB. UB 34 Cent Mich 24

Posted by Desertbull on Oct 2, 2018 | 4:34 AM

A perfect pick. It is rare. It also is big points. Desertbull picks up 15 points and jumps from 22 to one point in the lead. Great job!

CMU Point Totals
Shuffling Up the Standings
J. David Brand