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Depth Chart and Injuries - CMU

Buffalo v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

When you need to bounce back after a loss you’d like to do it with your best possible lineup.

Sadly that’s not an option for the Bulls this week, and the shuffling it has caused on the depth chart is notable.

Anthony Johnson is still questionable with a hamstring injury, and in the backfield Marks has dinged up his ankle and it’s not known if he will play this weekend.

But the bigger issue may be that Cam Lewis missed the Army with an a leg injury, and the staff is not sure he will play Saturday against Central Michigan.

So there is a lot of shuffle in the depth chart.

Nunn moves over to cover for Johnson as the receiver while George Rushing gets the start on the other side.

On defense Aapri Washington, Joey Banks, and Roy Baker are starting. For Aapri and Baker it’s their second start and it comes after Army made the Buffalo secondary look a little silly last week.

Hopefully another week of practice, and playing a more orthodox offense will help them settle into the role while Lewis heals up.