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Game Week - Central Michigan

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NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

UB just took their first punch of 2018. Not only did we lose to Army, we were destroyed by the Black Knights in nearly every phase of the game.

From the moment a first quarter touchdown was called back for holding, which would have put Buffalo up 13-0, not a thing went right for Buffalo. The game continued to spiral until the wheels completely came off in the second half.


It’s time to see the character of this team. You might look at CMU’s 1-4 record and consider them a soft bounce back game, but don’t.....

They have one poor loss on their schedule, to Kansas...

Other than that they’ve lost to Kentucky (35-20), to NIU (24-16), and to Michigan State (31-20). Two of those teams are ranked, and the other is in the conversation for the MAC West title.

And Buffalo has to go to mount pleasant to play.

IOW, throw the records of both teams out, CMU is better than 1-4 and the Bulls need to prove they are not better than 4-1. A solid road win in the MAC would (1) Keep UB at the top of the East and (2) get the Bulls one two (I mean this is the MAC) game(s) away from a bowl...

More than that it would expose the Army game for what it was... A one off where UB was off, and off against the one team in College football that can make anyone pay for not playing a perfect game.