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MAC Power Rankings

Team PR Δ Comment Next
1 Buffalo 2 1 UB at 6-1 is looking very good out East. Their offense has not been as crisp since Anthony Johnson was injured, but they are still scoring points. @Toledo
2 NIU 1 -1 Good teams find a way to win and NIU put up a great comeback against Ohio to remain undefeated and on top out west. BYE
3 Ball State 5 2 Like NIU, the Cards came out really flat but were able to put up a lot of points in the fourth quarter to steal a comeback win vs EMU
4 Ohio 4 0 Stop me if you heard this one before... Ohio had a big lead on NIU heading into the fourth and let the Huskies get away with a win. vs BGSU
5 Toledo 3 -2 Toledo suddenly finds itself looking up at NIU and Ball State in the west. And they host Buffalo next week. vs Buffalo
6 EMU 7 1 EMU found a way to avoid losing close games... Get out to a 28-3 lead and hang on for dear life, it worked this week. at Ball State
7 Miami 8 1 Don't look now but the RedHawks have found their footing and may are a legit contender in the east. @ Army
8 WMU 6 -2 Struggling against Bowling Green until the end does not win you points on a week when EMU takes Toledo down. at CMU
9 CMU 9 0 Good effort against Ball State, but CMU can't seem to catch a break this year. vs WMU
10 Akron 10 0 Buffalo gave Akron every opportunity to stay in this game but the Zips' offense was wholly ineffective after their first series. at Kent
11 BGSU 12 1 So close... so very, very close.. at Ohio
12 Kent 11 -1 Coming out that flat against Miami along with Bowling Green looking alive, moves Kent into the basement. vs Akron

Huge test for UB nest week against Toledo. The Rockets lost on the road at EMU and will look to rebound against the Bulls at home.

A win for UB would (1) Give them their best record since 1958, (2) Get the Bulls to 7 wins which as we learned last year might be the line for a Bowl, and (3)

A win for Toledo would put them back into the hunt for the MAC West by beating one of the better teams in the conference and put their overall record back above 500 for the year.