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The Bulls defeat Akron and sit at 6 - 1.

Buffalo v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Army was a high-water mark for UB football. The excitement of college football hit a crescendo. The greater Buffalo and military fraternity came to Amherst in droves. For Akron, the football excitement did not completely die. Students stayed away but the diehard UB football fans returned plus many who love football. The Bulls side was three levels deep. In the grand scheme of the season, Army was a throw away game. Means very little in MAC play and having Buffalo become Bowl Eligible. A dominating win against Army could have temporarily vaulted UB to “Row the Boat” hype. A home win versus Akron is not crucial for the season but can mean so much macro wise. The last time UB was 6 - 1. 1959. The year after the infamous Tangerine Bowl. For Bulls fan, expecting a Bulls win against Akron on paper should be the outcome. As a Bulls fan, nothing is expected. Fall has hit Western New York. In Buffalo we had the air conditioning on Thursday and the heat on Friday. It is football weather.

Love the blue top with white bottom jersey combination. Tyree wearing #41. Anthony Johnson in with the first team. Bulls with a quick exit to start the game and Akron hits a 48 yard field goal to take the lead. Nice to be able to trot out a kicker whose 48 yarder was good from 58. AJ is in the mix sparingly. Smart call by the coaching staff. Seeing Tyree run the ball. UB trying to dominate the line of scrimmage but having a hard time. Bulls settle for a missed field goal. Should we be happy not blocked and returned for a TD? Tyree could be the best passer in UB history when rolling out of the pocket. Geroge Rushing with TD reception. End of first quarter and Bulls happy to trade FG’s for TD’s.

End of first quarter, Bulls 7 – Zips 3

Tyree can be the good QB and bad QB. Throwing an interception at Akron 2 hurts. Defense is being asking a lot and responding. Akron is doing a great job stopping the run. Akron taunting Tyree to beat them. AJ makes a circus catch that sends a bolt of excitement through the stands. Drive stalls but Bulls hit a 30-yard field goal. Kicking the ball for the Bulls is an ordeal. Bulls had great field position to create some space at half but bad play calling, and penalties gave it back to Akron. Akron has a kicker and is good from 45 yards to double it score to 6. This game should not be this close. Bulls should be up 17 or 20 to 3.

End the first half, Bulls 10 – Zips 6.

Bulls and Zips in the third quarter trade field position until Bulls muscle a long drive on the ground. Jared Patterson straps the Bulls on his back and pushes UB to 16 – 6 late in the third quarter. Akron’s run defense is impressive in the first half but the running game opening up in the second half. Akron doing everything they can to give the game away with a terrible interception.

End of the third quarter, Bulls 17 – Zips 6.

K.J. Osborn makes a great shoe string catch for 43 yards on an underthrown ball. Play earned while Tyree scrambling making a play. They best play via the air is Tyree scrambling. To cap off a game where Tyree made plays with his feet, pushes in to up the score to 24 – 6.

The game took a long time to open up but the Bulls took control in the second half. Game opened when the Bulls moved the ball on the ground. Bulls defense holding the Zips to 6 points. Starters pulled to finish the game. Bulls go on the road to face one of the last tough opponents in Toledo. As this is being written, Toledo getting beat by EMU. EMU lost to Buffalo earlier this season. If Bulls can run the ball it will be tough game for Toledo. Score closer than it appears but a win in Amherst, especially on homecoming and to be bowl eligible is special.

Final score, Bulls 24 – Akron 6