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BRuWPEG Army Results

Results are in for BRuWPEG. They Stink!

Oh PEGGERS, you had the chance for a big week. In front of a very large reading gallery, some say the fifth biggest in BRuWPEG history. What did you do? A collective .07 points. After flying high assamsing points like it was taking candy from a baby the game sinks to an all time low.

Hold on PEGGERS!

This is BRuWPEG. Champions were not built in one week. You have seven weeks left. You had some injuries this week you had to battle against. That pesky hangnail that compromised your pick but you should be back to 100% heading into the meat of the MAC. You can still have a magical season. Maybe the best BRuWPEG season ever. Focus. Shake this week off. Get your head back into the game. Turn it around.

We had three pickers tie this week with 3 points. Yeah, three lousy stinking points. Zigo230, rma116, and Bulls & Bills. Winner - rma116 as I was able to meet at the game. It was great to meet you and Michelle.

Now buck it up troopers and get ready for a great seven week BRuWPEG run. It is going to be epic.

Army BRuWPEG Results
J. David Brand