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Buffalo Bulls Men’s Basketball Game Preview: Toledo Rockets


It’s finally here, MAC play! The Bulls once again start of the MAC season against the Toledo Rockets, the team who embarrassed them last year The Bulls have not had a chance to get revenge yet, and I hope they’re eager to get it. If the Bulls play a hard 40 minutes, they should win this game, but if they collapse in the second half again, the Rockets will make them pay.

Toledo is not NJIT, and that is not good for the Bulls. Hopefully they learned from their last game and got their heads on straight, or they will be starting off MAC play 0-1, and in a very uncomfortable situation with question marks all around. To top it off, Ball State looms next, and people will be looking at that game to see who is the best of the best in the MAC. But enough about the future, let’s look at tonight’s game.

What to Watch For


This game will be the worst attended game in recent years. It’s unfortunate, but mother nature is imposing her will on Erie County right now and with a travel advisory, you just won’t see people at this game. Due to this, how will the Bulls hold up playing in a very quiet arena. Let’s hope the Cayman Islands prepared them for a crowd like this.

Nick Perkins

Perkins had a frustrating game against NJIT and I hope he rebounds from that. He’s a very talented player when he plays within himself, and struggles when he tries to be a do everything type of guy. If he established early in the paint, I expect Perkins to have a bounce back game we know he is capable of.

Davonta Jordan

Jordan is struggling big time right now. I hate to do this, but in his last 3 games, he has 6, 1, and 3 points on 3 for 17 shooting. You have to wonder if Wes Clark stepping in to the line up is effecting Jordan. Whether confidence or the looks he’s getting not being the primary ball handler, Jordan needs to figure out his role quick, or you’re going to see a parallel to last season when he took a back seat during MAC play.

Final Thoughts

MAC play is unpredictable early in the season. However, the Bulls have proven they are the better team between the two and they need to prove it tonight. The goal of Buffalo should be to win the MAC tournament and regular season, and in order to do that, you HAVE to beat teams like Toledo. It should be a fun game, and please be safe if you chose to travel for the game, it is not worth an accident to make it tonight.