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BRuWPeG - Army

Week 2: Army

Last week we had a four way tie for first between Jeff Screen, Desertbull, PE21, ukbro00. None of them had a fantastic post in the comments but of the four Desertbull Made the most effort so he claims the week one victory.

I’m going to throw down the BlogFather card and make up a new rule when is suits me. This week I am adding an end of season bonus for the two Bull Run community members who win the most weekly contests throughout the season. At the end of the year the Bull Run community member with the most weekly wins gets an extra two points and the runner up gets an extra point.

So here are the weekly winners

W1: Desert Bull

In comes Army this week, always hard to figure out how the Bulls will stack up against the Black Knights but Vegas has us as 16 point dogs. Last season they came in here flying high, only to get chopped down. Two years before that they obliterated the Bulls at West Point.

So what’s your pick going to be this week?

In the event of a tie the best comment (Highest rated by the (rec) function) will win, if there is tie after that I will pick the winner.