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White North Wednesday

Ball State Cardinals v Buffalo Bulls Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Big piece of good news coming out of Canada is that Naaman Roosevelt’s knee looks like it’s all healed up after last years injury.

Naaman Roosevelt has eased concerns about the strength of his surgically repaired right knee during training camp. In 2016, Roosevelt was the Riders’ leader in receiving in yards (1,095) and catches (76) and had two touchdown receptions before suffering a season-ending knee injury during the 11th regular-season game. Roosevelt rehabbed the injury during the off-season and doesn’t appear to have lost any of his speed or elusiveness. On Wednesday, Roosevelt launched himself to catch a sideline pass from Glenn. The veteran receiver has been among all of the quarterbacks’ favourite targets and he rewards their confidence by making the tough catches. — Leader Post

Also on the mend is Dillon Guy..

Speaking to the Review after training in Burlington recently, the 6’ 4”, 335-pound Guy said he’s heading into the season healthy.

“I’m going in with the mindset of just competing, getting a spot on the roster and a spot on the starting line,” he said of his goals with the Roughriders. —

Natey Adjei may benefit from the breakdown of Edmonton’s negotiation breakdown with their first round pick

Getzlaf, 34, has been slotted behind Shamawd Chambers at wide-out, while fellow Canadians Cory Watson and Natey Adjei top the other national receiver spot. — Edmonton Journal

This Week’s preseason games:

6/8 - Montreal (EJ) at Toronto (Drew Willy)

6/8 - Hamilton at Ottawa (Jake Silas)

6/10 - Winnipeg at Saskatchewan (Roosevelt)

6/11 - Calgary at Edmonton (Dillon Guy / Natey Adjei)