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86 Days to Kickoff Jaret Patterson

Buffalo v Western Michigan Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Name: Jaret Patterson

Position: Linebacker

Class: Freshman

Before this year

The product of Justin Winters’ coaching, Patterson runs a the 40 in 4.72, benches 285, squats 475, deadlifts 335, and clean jerks 205. And he’s already nearly the size of Jarrett Franklin.

This Season

He has a bright future with Buffalo but I’m hoping that he takes his redshirt this year, learns the system, bulks up even more, and get’s he feet on the ground for 2018.

Up Next:

This year’s 99 day countdown is completely random. Every day we will give you a hint about tomorrow's subject. Shout out in the comments if you know who’s next, jeopardy style.

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