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The Bull Herd: Monday 6/19/17

Over the summer, it’s often times hard to find stuff to write about. There aren’t any UB sports currently in action so a lot of our coverage is prep work for the upcoming Fall. With that all being said, I’m starting a new daily article in which I’ll post some links to check out regarding UB athletics, the university, the MAC and just notable news surrounding the Bulls. Let’s get started!

Here’s a link from the Buffalo News and Mark Gaughn. It’s his end of the year ranking of WNY collegiate sports for the Spring of 2017. He ranks both UB Men and Women’s tennis which is well deserved.

This is a repost from Bull of all Bulls fanpost, but I think it’s good to share again. It’s the link to the first tailgate event at the Minnesota game which is a great event for alumni. There is also a tailgate for the Army game.

Here was a quick anniversary for Coach Jack! She’s a wonderful coach who has really turned this program in to constant winners, and for that we say thank you and we’re glad to have you!

That’s all for this first edition. As I do more with this, I hope it flows better and is a fun daily read. Until tomorrow, go Bulls!