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77 Days to Kickoff - Evin Ksiezarczyk

Name: Evin Ksiezarczyk

Position: Offensive Line

Class: Sophomore

Before this year

Last season Ksiezarczyk played in 11 games as a special teamer. Before coming to Buffalo he won a ton of awards while playing at West Seneca. He was an All-Western New York team member, the class A South Lineman of the Year, and a class A All-State First Team selection.

Most impressively was a finalist for the Trench Trophy.

This Season

Evin has the size 6-6, 315. He may challenge for the two deep.

Up Next:

This year’s 99 day countdown is completely random. Every day we will give you a hint about tomorrow's subject. Shout out in the comments if you know who’s next, jeopardy style.

Tomorrow’s Bull Run Jeopardy Category - Early America

The land of this Bull’s hometown was a granted to a settler from Lenape after they kidnapped his son order to teach him their language so that he could serve as a translator.