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78 Days to Kickoff - Paul Nosworthy


Name: Paul Nosworthy

Position: Offensive Line

Class: Sophomore

Before this year

Before last season started Paul transferred over from Gramling State. As a freshman for the tigers he quickly grabbed a starting spot.

He came to Buffalo at 270 and had to sit out the year per NCAA transfer rules. But during the year he’s gained nearly 30 pounds. The Bulls like him at 6-4 and 298 pounds.

This Season

Given his talent and the need on the line, a 300 pound 6-4 guy who spent last season learning the system could compete for real time.

Up Next:

This year’s 99 day countdown is completely random. Every day we will give you a hint about tomorrow's subject. Shout out in the comments if you know who’s next, jeopardy style.

Tomorrow’s Bull Run Jeopardy Category - European Music

He shares a last name with the lead vocalist of “TSA”, a polish heavy metal band.