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Nate Harvey - Was ADAG in a no win situation?

Another day, another situation which looks awful for UB Athletics. Did Allen Greene up and fire a beloved, and successful, strength and conditioning coach?

Why yes, yes he did.

But after digging around a bit I found this was something of a no win situation for our Athletic Director.

When your coaches say they want a new conditioning guy what do you do?

You can’t tell them to sod off. They are the people you need to build winning teams so ignoring them can only look bad and drive a wedge between administrators and coaches.

So whether or not he lets go of Harvey he is “the bad guy”, but he’s paid to make these decisions.

In the end I believe this falls on the cadre of coaches who asked for a new trainer, and not on ADAG. They own this move, and if there is no payoff, or worse a decline in speed/strength/stamina, then the coaches are the folks who should have fingers pointed at them.

I have my concerns with Greene and how UB is handling their public relations lately. But aside from not informing Harvey up front I can’t find fault with him.