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The Bull Run Awards begin this week! Submit your nominations for fan favorite award now!

UB Athletics

With the 2016-17 season at a close, we’re going to give you one final recap of it all with the third annual Bull Run Awards this week. It’s been another tumultuous year and with some back office chatter we have this year’s recipients all lined up to come at you in the coming days. Here’s our schedule:

Day 1 - Wednesday: Fall Sports

Day 2 - Thursday: Winter Sports

Day 3 - Friday: Spring Sports

Day 4 - Saturday: Coach of the Year, Men's and Women's Rookie of the Year, Clutch Moment of the Year, Fan Favorite Award

Day 5 - Sunday: Team of the Year, Men's Overall Bull of the Year, Women's Overall Bull of the Year

We’ve added a new award to the stable this year as the fan base will be the one to determine the fan favorite award (which might just turn into a meme). All you need to do is pick your favorite player from this past season and drop their name into the google form below:

Finally, before we get going on Wednesday, here’s the list of past winners and for each award:

Overall Accolades

Team of the Year

Women’s Soccer (2015)

Men’s Basketball (2016)

Men’s Overall Bull of the Year

Jon Jones, Men’s Track and Field, no one else considered (2015)

Russell Cicerone, Men’s Soccer (2016)

Women’s Overall Bull of the Year

Kristen Sharkey, Women’s Basketball (2015)

Megan Burns, Women’s Swimming and Diving (2016)

Coach of the Year

Shawn Burke, Women’s Soccer (2015)

Nate Oats, Men’s Basketball (2016)

Men’s Rookie of the Year

CJ “Buckets” Massinburg, Men’s Basketball (2016)

Women’s Rookie of the Year

Megan Burns, Women’s Swimming and Diving (2015*)

Katie Weimer, Softball (2016)

Individual Sports and Clutch Moment


Adam Redden (2015)

Jordan Johnson (2016)

Men’s Soccer

Russell Cicerone (2015, 2016)

Women’s Soccer

Jackie Hall (2015)

Kassidy Kidd (2016)


Tahleia Bishop (2015)

Megan Lipski (2016)

Men’s Cross Country

Cameron Bruce (2015, 2016**)

Barrett Kemp (2016**)

Women’s Cross Country

Corinne Birchard (2015)

Amy Shaw (2016)

Men’s Basketball

Justin Moss (2015)

Blake Hamilton (2016)

Women’s Basketball

Kristen Sharkey (2015)

JoAnna Smith (2016)


Max Soria (2015)

Jake Gunning (2016**)

Justin Patrick (2016**)

Men’s Swimming and Diving

Scott Huang (2015)

Mason Miller (2016)

Women’s Swimming and Diving

Megan Burns (2015, 2016)


Nick Sinay (2015)

Vinny Mallaro (2016)


Alexis Curtiss (2015)

Katie Weimer (2016)

Men’s Tennis

Pablo Alvarez (2015)

Sergio Arevalillo (2016)

Women’s Tennis

Tanja Stojanovska (2015, 2016)

Men’s Track and Field

Jon Jones (2015)

Ryan Cribbin (2016)

Women’s Track and Field

Meg Manley

Malayah White (2016)


Courtesy recognition since we can’t single out one person for the award (Sorry).

Clutch Moment of the Year

Sergio Arevalillo erases 5-1 third-set deficit to clinch MAC title (2015)

Saturday, March 12th (2016)

*Rookie of the year was given out to just one person, male or female, in year one of the Bull Run Awards

**denotes co-MVP