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Bulls in the NFL salary update

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Just to give you an idea of what NFL Pro-Bulls are making here is a quick contract rundown.

Khalil Mack is set to make $5,942,682 this season when you combine his signing bonus, base salary, and roster bonuses. The Raiders picked up his option which means that next season he is set to go north of thirteen million.

In LA, Branden Oliver got a one year $690,000 deal to try and prove he has recovered from his Achilles tendon.

Steven Means is in the final season of a three year deal and is slated to $690,000.

In Indianapolis Kristjan Sokoli is set to make $540,000 in this, the second year of his two year deal.

Mason Schreck just signed a four year 2.4 million dollar contract. This year, if he makes the team, he is set to make $529,270.

Roubbens Joseph got a rookie camp tryout in Baltimore and earned himself a three year deal. This season he is set to pocket $465,000. Not too far away, in Washington, John Kling has the same deal.

James Starks and Jake Schum have not yet been picked up as free agents. Hopefully there will be reason to follow this up after they are back with an NFL club.