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The State of Bull Run: A new era begins

You all may have noticed that our content volume fell off after basketball season. You might even be asking yourselves why...

Or you might not really care.

Either way, here is what’s going on and here is where we are going.

Over the last two years we’ve had a core of four or five writers who were all contributing one or more articles a week. Bull Run was carried by Robby, Matt, Tim, John, Kevin, Conrad and Drew. We all divided up the task of putting out hundreds of pieces a month. So many contributors made a huge difference.

Even with so many contributing, the past couple of years have been a huge effort. And, of course, life happens. Each of us has had some big life changes in the past year or so that have impacted how we work.

I moved into the role of an Engineering lead, which is a nice way of saying “management responsibility without the power”. It’s not a fun step on the career ladder, but it’s one where I can pick up the skills I’ll need for further career development.

Matt landed a job with an organization with whom he had previously worked. They do purposeful and tangible good in the world. Suffice it to say that ate a lot into his posting hours, and it’s been tough for him to get back to speed with UB despite lots of effort since his dad passed.

Robby loved what he was doing here so much that he decided to change majors and pursue a career in sports information. He’s so good at what he did here that he also landed an internship with the Toronto Blue Jays Triple-A affiliate Buffalo Bisons.

John graduated last year and instantly landed a sweet engineering job. Kevin has also seen his commitment level to things outside of Bull Run rise.

Take all of that pressure, add in the school’s elimination of several sports which we loved and followed. That was a recipe for us all to step back and take stock.

The fact we really don’t get paid for this also factors in some of the lull.

We’re coming out of the shock of UB’s decision and I am recommitting to posting daily. I don’t promise it will be art, as you all know how bad my writing can be.

The other guys are all sticking around, but like me, they needed time to breath. We feel like the time is right to push the reset button and begin ramping up our coverage.

If you want to help, really help, hit up the comments and smash the “fan post / fan shot” buttons. More quality fan posts will be making the front page and get out on social media streams.

Bull Run was built on you guys, the community. That’s always #1 for us and we are committed to giving Buffalo fans a place to hang out, talk sports, and be heard.

This is all a long winded way of saying...