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BRuWPeG - Working Overtime

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After the last BRuWPeG update there were some questions about procedure... Basically I screwed up...

  • Bonus points were promised: 2 Points for winning the most weeks, and 1 point for coming in second
  • There was a question as to why a person got a perfect pick, but did not get the weekly win.

Bonus points have been applied. There is a caveat I stated at the start of the season.

At the start of the season I said if there was a weekly tie I would pick the winner based on their post. Either clever, funny, or insightful would beat “Buffalo $Score1 $Opponent $Score2”. If both posts were equally bland (or funny), then there would be a coin flip.

Final Regular Season Standings

Against Army there were two perfect scores, the decision went to LK4

So here is the updated top ten scores.

As you can see we have a tie, so here is my proposal on how to settle it.

If LK4 and Zigo are willing, we will have just the two of them pick the MAC Bowl games in a sudden elimination rounds. The first game is the Boca Raton Bowl between FAU and Akron.

If there is still a tie after that we will go on to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, skipping the Bahamas because I try not to watch Ohio games.

Because it’s just the two of you there will be no weekly winner points.

So.... LK4 & Zigo, are you up to it?