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In which the Bull Run staff ponders sure-to-be-rejected ideas for the Bricks for Bulls Campaign

Last night I shared with you my praise for the Bricks for Bulls campaign -- a no-brainer on the part of the department that is well timed with the construction of the Murchie Family Fieldhouse. I also shared with you this completely understandable, but also a little disappointing in a way, caveat in the submission rules:

16 characters allowed per line. Characters include all letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and blank spaces found on a standard English keyboard. Inscriptions will be automatically centered and engraved in uppercase letters. Inscriptions that contain websites, phone numbers, twitter handles, and/or manifestos are not permitted. Discriminatory, political, offensive or inappropriate messages as determined by University at Buffalo will be declined.

In the span of a few minutes, the Bull Run Editors came up with the following sure-to-be-nixed ideas for our potential brick:

“ / Best Bulls Websites”

“Long Live NYBI”

“Remember Ike Nduka?”

“The House That Danny Built”

“It was a safety”

“Throw the jacket, Reggie!”

“Faith Family Football Fishing” — Actually, that one might be ok

“Nate Davis had flu-like symptoms”

“Bull, Victoria S // Missing 10 years”

“Dan Dakich still sometimes forgets to put socks on”

“Ohio: Worst state ever”


“Screw Niagara”

Put your best illicit suggestions in the comments. Winner gets ten Victoria S. Bull bucks.