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How Good has CJ Massinburg Been?

We’re eight games in to the 2017-2018 campaign, and CJ Massinburg has been the team MVP, and it isn’t even close. We’ve all been able to watch Massinburg knock down shots this year, but how good has he really been?

For starters, CJ leads the MAC in scoring with 20.5 PPG, which is an impressive start considering the MAC hosts big scorers like Thomas Wilder and Taylor Pearson. He seems to always hit that three when the Bulls are struggling to score as well as orchestrate the big plays.

On the glass, Massinburg is averaging 7.1 rebounds per game, a shocking number from a guard. That just goes to show that he’s willing to go the extra mile and bang around in the paint. Being a junior on this team means that you are the most senior on this team and Massinburg is showing this by doing all of the little things.

The only stat I would like to see increase would be his assists. At just 2.0 per game, he seems to be down in that regard, but hasn’t necessarily had to be pass first with the dominance of Davonta Jordan. As far as CJ’s role, to be a true scorer, he is doing just that.

As of now, Massinburg has to be on the early short list for MAC POTY and fans should continue to appreciate the greatness they’re getting to watch. According to multiple people in the game thread, Delaware fan were begging for CJ to start missing as he took control and dropped 30 points. I for one have cherished getting to watch him, and I’ll continue to do so through his third year.