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Bulls not picked for a Bowl Game

Buffalo v Miami Ohio Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It’s not official but with the Bowl slate nearly complete, it looks like the 6-6 UB Bulls were not picked for any of the post season contests.

UB needed a lot of dominoes to fall their way to get selected and, unfortunately for Buffalo it seemed most every 5-6 team managed to squeak by their last game.

So the Bulls, despite a better resume, more explosive offense, and late season surge are going to sit back and watch the Bowl games from home this year.

It’s disappointing but I’m not going to rail against the team, the coaches, the department, or the conference. I’ve seen other fan sites go scorched earth on some or all of the above but in our case it’s not really due on anyone.

  • The Coaches finally look to be coaching at the D1 level and they have quietly put together are pretty fun team to watch.
  • The players overcame a lot of injury and pulled themselves up for a late season run which included beating Ohio
  • The Department seemed to make every effort to get the Bulls into a bowl despite the MAC only having four bids this season.
  • The MAC had a tall order with two 6-6 teams who are far away from most of the Bowl games.

The upside is that this is a pretty young team, we’re losing some big pieces next year but in a lot of spots we have depth. For the first time since Mack and BO roamed field the Bulls made everyone they played sweat.

Next Year UB has four winnable out of conference games, with Temple and Army being the most difficult. Hopefully next years team will win more of the close games so that they won’t have to sit back and watch lesser teams take Bowl Bids from them.