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The Bowl Case for Buffalo over New Mexico State

Arkansas State v Georgia Southern Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

Yes, We’re better than them too.

New Mexico State, like Buffalo, finished their year pretty strong. The Aggies finished their last three games with a 2-1 record while the Bulls finished 3-0. But the similarities end there.

NMSU is the 127th ranked team in the Sargin rankings, behind a bevy of FCS teams. The Bulls check in at 100. According to ESPN’s methodology the Aggies are ranked 103rd, and the Bulls 92.

A lot of this has to do with strength of schedule.

NMSU played the 106th “hardest schedule” and it wsa only that high because Arkansas tilted them up a bit. The Bulls had the 98th ranked schedule but unlike New Mexico State it was pretty evenly distributed.

Perhaps that’s why UB won against 8 win Ohio, and Conference USA champion FAU (9 wins). New Mexico State won their games against teams with 3, 0, 2, 2, 4, and 4. The total sum of wins by teams they have beaten (15) is less than just two teams that UB has beaten (17).

They have not proved they can beat or play well against teams with a winning record, why would their bowl game be any different.

UB was competitive in every single one of their games. Their worst loss of the season was a 17-7 game opener against Minnesota.

The Bulls 44th ranked offense is 41 spots higher than the Aggies.

More than that UB’s firepower led to the second leading receiver in the nation. Only Minnesota and Northern Illinois really held the Bulls in check and against the Huskies UB was playing their third string quarterback.

UB is a far more entertaining to watch and is peaking. It’s hard to justify picking a team like New Mexico State over Buffalo.