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BRuWPeG - Bowling Green

Sorry guys for being late getting this up... Thankfully a weekend off means we’re not too far behind.

The short story is that this week I had an audit at work, pneumonia, and two sick kids. It was not really a lot of fun. I’m starting to get my legs back under me, thanks to the by week ;).

Western Michigan

So every game from here on out is literally a MUST WIN

Last week’s big winner was denewts who scored 9 points. At this point in the seaon it’s starting to look like a three man race with LK4, denewts, and zigo230. Majortomxiii is close enough that a couple of really good picks puts

W1: Desert Bull

W2: LK4

W3: David Brand

W4: MartinDB

W5: Majortomxiii

W6: HomeyG1

W7: Calvin

W8: LK4

W9: denewts