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UB Football legend Willie Evans passes away

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University at Buffalo associate vice president John Della Contrada announced that yesterday UB Football legend Willie Evans has passed away. Evans is known throughout the UB Athletics community for his endeavors as a member of the 1958 football team.

In 1958, the University at Buffalo went 8-1 in football and received a bid to the Tangerine Bowl against Florida State. However, there was one condition: The Bulls were not to play with their two African American Players due to rules stated by the Orlando High School Athletic Association. In a unanimous team decision, the Bulls rejected the bid because it wasn’t right to play without Evans and defensive end Mike Wilson for that reason.

Evans still retains the school record for yards per carry at 6.36 and finished with 1,559 career yards.

As a native of Buffalo, Evans continued to involve himself in UB Athletics after graduation up until he passed yesterday. You could always spot him at football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball games. Today, we say goodbye to one of the finest to ever don the blue and white. Willie Evans was 79 years old.

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