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Buffalo Bulls Men’s Basketball Preview: Ball State Cardinals

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Get up it’s game day! The Bulls look to rebound after a tough, and poorly officiated, game against the Ohio Bobcats. The Bulls enter today at 1-2 in the MAC which may appear bad but actually is not terrible. Despite a loss to Toledo the Bulls have come out firing against back to back quality opponents in EMU and Ohio. I look for the Bulls to keep it rolling against a sub par Ball State squad and gain footing in the MAC.

The Cardinals come in having played the easiest MAC schedule to date. They should overall be exposed by a much better Bulls squad. That being said, there are some imperfections I hope UB works on. Let’s take a look at what to watch for against Ball State.


Buffalo has had problems with turnovers. There is no denying that. When Blake runs the point I feel as if more turnovers are prominent. I hope to see much more of Dontay at the point to help the offense run better and to limit the turnovers. Let Blake play a role he is much more comfortable in and you will see better results.

Nick Perkins’ Return

If you watched last game you know that Nick Perkins was ejected. Personally I love the energy and I hope to see it channeled more in this game. He is one of our best assets and keeping him on the court is key. I’m excited to see how he comes back from ejection. I expect a big game overall.

How the Team Handles Poor Officiating

I don’t like to blame losses on poor officiating, but a late game jump ball against Ohio stands out. I think the team needs to be able to handle themselves better when calls are lopsided and do their best to stay in the game. If the refs call a lot of fouls our way early on, look to see how the team responds.

Final Thoughts

This game should be a win. That being said, this team has proven that there is a reason to play the game. I expect a win but if the team doesn’t execute, then it could be a long day. I don’t think the Cardinals have the talent and athleticism to compete but don’t be surprised otherwise. Let’s not also forget that Sean Sellers stole FOTY from a fellow UB student. Overall expect a win, but hope the team comes ready to win.