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CBS Sports ranks Buffalo No. 2 in the College Football Bottom 25

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve never been too huge a fan of the ESPN Bottom 10. Primarily because it’s one guy’s opinion and it seems more designed to taunt than to entertain. If you must know, UB is #6 on the Bottom 10.

So I’m happy that CBS is putting together a bottom 25 based on some metrics. The metrics are private but they will state two things for certain.

The first is that every team starts the season at ground zero. Alabama came in ranked just like Eastern Michigan.

The second bit of information is that the largest factor in his formula is wins and losses and things like strength of schedule come after that.

So it’s no surprise that the top four school are schools that lost to FCS opponents. The first is Virginia. Also listed are Washington State, Iowa State, and... Buffalo.

After a tight loss to an in-state FCS opponent the Bulls check in at #2. CBS has this to say

I honestly don't know if Lance Leipold would have lost to Albany if he were still at Wisconsin-Whitewater.

With the Bulls on a bye this week it’s entirely possible that Virginia, the Cougars, and Cyclones get their act together and put us over the top.

Hopefully this is just a speed bump on our way to a decent season. We’ve talked at length about how teams have lost an FCS game and then go on to a bowl. I’m looking forward to UB joining that club.