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Was this the worst loss in UB history? No, But it’s close

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

There is no getting around how much it sucks to get punched in the face by an in state FCS opponent. Just ask Virginia Tech who dropped a game to JMU not too many years back. Or ask the Florida Gators who lost to Georgia Southern in 2013.

As bad as it feels to be a victim of such an event, and yes we were victimized, it happens more often than one would think. In fact the winning percentage for teams in the FBS against FCS opponents is only around .800. That’s a lot lower than I would have thought.

So with that in mind is this the worst loss in UB football history?

No, but I would put it in the top three, perhaps number two.

Here are my top ... errr Bottom three UB losses

#3: Colgate at Buffalo (2003): After jumping up 7-0 UB let the Raiders score 38 unanswered points. The Colgate offense rolled up 621 balanced yards of offense running the ball for 358 yards and passing it for 263 yards.

#2: Albany at Buffalo (2016): A horrendous offensive start set the tone for UB in their season opener, down 14-13 at the half and unable to capitalize on an overwhelming advantage in yards thanks to four killer turnovers. The result was a 22-16 defeat to Albany, the first loss to an FCS team since 2003 and perhaps the worst in Buffalo’s Division I history. Considering how much UB has grown as a program since 2003, this is much worse.

#1: Buffalo at Michigan (1901): The Bulls lost 128-0 to Michigan. After a nice Buffalo drive which led to a missed field goal it took seven minutes for Michigan to break UB's four-game shutout streak, then the floodgates opened.

Before it was over the Michigan Men scored 22 touchdowns in the game. Ultimately the game was cut short by 15 minutes because the Buffalo team was physically unable to play any longer.

The Buffalo program folded up in 1902, having had the wind taken out of its sails by the embarrassing loss.

So there are my three candidates for worst Buffalo football losses of all time, what do you think?