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Men’s Soccer bounces back with 2-1 win over Bonnies

And the Big 4 Shield stays in Amherst

MSOC Cicerone UBC

Wednesday’s 2-1 win over Bonaventure won’t go down as the best win of the season, but Men’s Soccer got back in the win column and claims the Big 4 Shield for another full year with the victory.

A goal and an assist won’t go down as one of Russell Cicerone’s better nights against Bonaventure, but with them he moves to 11 goals on the season and 20 assists in his career - a new UB record.

Cicerone opened the scoring with a free kick midway through the first half, and gave UB insurance with some nice dribbling right off the second half restart before crossing to Ryan Pereira, who potted his first of the season.

That second goal proved critical, as the visitors scored with half an hour to play, and everything went to hell. UB’s discipline in their own box was as sloppy as it has been all season while offensive finishing kind of went out the window. At no point did Bonaventure look like the better team, but it wasn’t Buffalo’s best game to say the least.

Cicerone (for God knows what) and Stryker (for being fouled in the box in the final minutes) earned yellow cards in the win, while Scales picked up a chintzy red in the final minute as the ref without question lost control of the game.

Russ in particular is notable here, as he’s up to three on the season and is certainly in danger of missing a game due to accumulation at some point down the line. That happens when he receives his fifth.

Joe Kuta officially made no saves on the game, but parried away a number of dangerous crosses and 50-50 balls that in a different timeline turned into equalizers.

The Bulls hit the road for Binghamton Saturday at 7:00 PM.