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Boise Ross suspended for first half of Army game due to targeting call vs. Nevada

Senior Cornerback Boise Ross cannot seem to catch a break as of late. After being suspended by UB for their entire bout with the Albany Great Danes for a minor infraction, Ross will be suspended for the first half of Buffalo’s matchup with Army this week.

The suspension comes on the grounds of a targeting call made in the fourth quarter of Buffalo’s 38-14 loss to the Nevada Wolfpack. While attempting to breakup a pass directed towards Nevada’s Will Demps, Ross knocked the wide-out from behind out of bounds. Officials ruled that this was targeting a defenseless receiver despite the call being extremely questionable, especially since the receiver was reaching out of bounds to begin with for the pass.

NCAA policy states that targeting results in an automatic ejection of the player involved and a 15 yard penalty. Usually, the ejection/suspension would only last for the remainder of the game. But, because the call was made in the second half, the suspension is to remain until the first half of the next contest has finished.

Again, the ejection is questionable, especially since officials have the opportunity to use video replay to receive conclusive evidence and overturn the call.